Circle Rocking "S" Children's Farm, Inc
Website donated by Larry Betz
Donations of $100 or more
Country Veterinary Clinic

Quality Service Center in Scottville
(231) 757-9490

Circle Rocking S Tack Shop in Free Soil
(231) 462-3732

Birchwood Adult Foster Care Home
(231) 723-7343

Knights of Columbus
Council 1492 and 2199

Team Home Depot

Janice Rafferty in memory of Jack Rabbit

St Bernard Church Alter Society in Irons

Wolf Lake Ranch

Filer Credit Union

Wyman Funeral Home, Scottvile

Wishing Well Gas Station in Pentwater

Shelby State Bank

Great Lakes Energy People's
Grant $4,437.99 barn painting

A.R.C. of Manistee

Centennial Securities
Grand Rapids, MI

Meijer's of Ludington

Birchbark Farm

Susan, Ray and Barb Eldridge
(for the Choir)

Great Lake Ford

Birchwood Heights

House of Flavors

Mary Schlagel

The Bryce Family

Great Lakes Ford

Ken and Donna Miszewski

Shelby State Bank

Manistee Vet Hospital

Wolf Lake Ranch in Baldwin